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A DEMISE Trilogy

Pictures: Katharina Christl

"A DEMISE Trilogy" is a video work that comes as a result of two years of choreographic research on the motion of deterioration and demise.

Co-produced by the Festspielhaus HELLERAU, the work is born out of Joao’s choreographic research on the theme of post-truth - the phenomenon of when the concepts of “fact” and “opinion” are blurred together. He investigates the loss of verticality in the body and the motion of demise as metaphors to the deterioration of clarity in communication.

Triggered by the political climate in his native Brazil, where the culture of post-truth currently thrives, Joao chose the soundscape of Brazilian funk music - a culture demonized within the scenario of post-truth - and its sexually graphic ways of portraying the body (bouncing, sitting, rubbing) to illustrate the demise of clear communication in an anarchic way.

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sound design             JOAO


performance              CAROLINE RODRIGUES

                               RENAN MANHÃES             DEMISE I

                               CAMILLE JACKSON

                               STEPH QUINCI                    DEMISE II

                               ANDRÉA FARIA

                               CHRISTIANO CASTRO

                               BÁRBARA MAIA

                               DAVI LOPES

                               EDUARDO HENRIQUE

                               EMANUELA SANTOS

                               MIRELLI SOARES

                               PHELIPPE MOREIRA

                               RUDSON ROCHA

casting assistance        CAROLINE RODRIGUES      DEMISE III

music                        MC JOTINHA, MC PR, DJ BL

                               MC RICK, MC KAIO

                               MC LUAN DA BS, MC VITIN DO LJ

Premiered at the Festspielhaus HELLERAU in September 2023.

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