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DEMISE to a void

but it doesn't go anywhere

"DEMISE to a void but it doesn't go anywhere" explored the deterioration that happens out of inertia.


It depicts two people inhabiting an apartment, undergoing a transformation as they perform the choreography of that space. The rooms start to disappear or change shape, the objects lose their importance, and they progressively dispose of what's inside the space with them, until they dispose of the space itself, and come to the void. 

The duet was conceived as a further exploration of the universe of demise that Joao has been exploring in his choreographic research.



text/soundscape    JOAO

performance         CAROLINE RODRIGUES

                          CAMILLE JACKSON


beat                    RAFAEL FANTINI


Premiered within the time & s_PACE Festival of the go plastic Company at the Festspielhaus HELLERAU in November 2022.

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